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Our products for a better in-store presentation! We accomplish this by offering and creating attractive and secured product presentations and innovative product experience solutions. With Top Flex, we offer a wide variety of product presentations & retail security. From standard products to tailor made full service projects, from secured displays to entirely interactive product presentations.


Our latest innovations in product display!

Integration of display to show presentation/promo movies.

- 7" display (ESL)
- wifi integration
- touchscreen
- Sound & Moving images

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interior builder

Product presentations with TopFlex® offer interior builders an easy to install solution. The Plug & Play system offers a simple integration in the furniture. The universal base plug will be confirmed in the furniture, for table and wall display, and is the base to all product holders. Besides the materials, Duonell will also provide the necessary installation dimensions and technical drawings to have the installation run smoothly. Our engineers will assist you for all your technical questions.

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With TopFlex® we offer flexibility and optimal product presentations with different security levels. The TopFlex® Product Holders offer display solutions for a large amount of products. Change in display is no longer an issue because product holders can easily be replaced of location.  Also a combination of different product types is possible as we use a universal base plug. A saving of 80% in maintenance costs is possible because the staff can maintain a large part themselves.

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Contact us for a tailor-made solution with customized product presentations. The flexibility of TopFlex® lends itself to various possibilities and solutions in brand & concept style. We co-operate with you to achieve a full integration of product presentations. 

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